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Body Butter Express

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The perfect experience for skincare enthusiasts on the go! This workshop is tailor-made for individuals who wish to create their own unique body butter quickly and efficiently. Over the course of just one hour, you will gain hands-on experience and expert guidance in crafting your very own moisturizing and nourishing body butter that caters to your skin's needs.

Although food and drinks are not provided as part of this fast-paced workshop, participants are more than welcome to bring their own bottle for personal enjoyment. Our aim is to provide a relaxed and creative environment where you can learn, create, and walk away with a product you love. Come ready to dive in, and leave with your homemade body butter, ready for immediate use. This express workshop is perfect for those eager to enjoy the benefits of natural skincare without spending hours in a class. Join us, make your skincare masterpiece, and hit the road!"

About us!

Looking for a new, fun activity? Our skincare classes are PERFECT for you! Each particioant will be able to create one item of choice from our 5 different experiences!

-Bubble Bars (So Bubbly)

-Body Butter (Butter Me Up)

-Body Scrub (Don't hate, Exfoliate!)

-Clay Mask (Mask on | Mask Off )

-Body Oil - (Oil me down)

What do you get?

- 1 8oz Customized Body Butter

You may BYOB

This workshop is an hour long and does NOT include lite bites.

All bookings cover in-store class experience at our skincare studio with one of our workshopp experts.

You get to customize your product to your liking, choose from over 80+ fragrances and name your product.

What do I need to bring?


You may also BYOB!

** Please note that any individuals that arrive intoxicated will NOT be allowed to participate and you will be asked to leave IMMEDIATELY. You may reschedule for a later date.


Cancellation policy

Classes CANNOT be canceled once booked. However, you may transfer it to another date within the 7 day time frame.

Grace Period

A 10 minute grace period is given. All classes start promptly after the grace period ends. This is to ensure you have the BEST experience & adequate time to enjoy the entire class. After 10 minutes the class will start with the individuals present. Absent individuals will have to reschedule.


Due to the location of our store being in a very popular area known for lots of concerts, games, and other restaurants; traffic can be EXTREMELY UNPREDICTIBLE. Please plan accordingly. Leave early to account for traffic.